Terms of use


The portal Otvorenesudy.sk (hereinafter “portal”) is a non-profit investigative webpage aiming to monitor and analyze information about the judiciary. Administrator of the portal is a non-profit organization Transparency International Slovakia (hereinafter “administrator”), Samuel Molnár and Pavol Zbell. The project Open Courts was created thanks to the support of the Secretariat of Transparency International in Berlin and the project Reštart Slovensko organized by Centre for Philantropy.

Basic rules

Portal allows to search, read and download published information about courts, judges, hearings and judgements. The advantage of registration is a possibility to receive notifications about new data based on the search filters selected by the user. Registered user is obliged to provide his/her e-mail address upon registration where he/she can be contacted. Administrators pledge to contact any user only in case of need and will not send any spam.

Data sources

Portal shows information about the judiciary based on the data provided by public institutions on publicly accessible locations. It is mainly the following sources:

Data are obtained automatically from the publicly accessible locations in the form in which they were originally published or provided by institutions. In the majority of cases the data do provide reference to the original source. In case of evident errors the data were adjusted and normalized.


Administrators are not liable for the content, form and the accuracy of published data or their constant availability. Users are aware of the fact that published data may contain mistakes caused by administration of large sets of data as well as errors that happened during the original creation of the data. Administrators are not liable for any damage to the users of the portal resulting from the usage of the portal or the circumstances related to searchability of the data or their quality. Administrators are granted to make adjustments to the portal related to the functioning of the portal, as well as its content, such as adding or removing of data sources without informing the users, according to their deliberate will.